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Monster High Dana Treasura Jones – Shriek Wrecked

Monster High has seen it all- werewolves, aliens and mermaids too! But what about the daughter of an infamous haunted pirate? Now the students are really going to be spooked! Introducing the Monster High Shriek Wrecked Dana Treasura Jones !

Monster High Dana Treasura Jones Shriek Wrecked Monster High Dana Treasura Jones has taken after her father and loves to terrorize out on the deep-blue, but now she’s headed for land to get her diploma! Dana has long, wavy blonde hair and a brown pirate hat sits creepily on top. Her gown has a fitted top with blue and white stripes, and black tulle creates deathly-cool puffed sleeves! Her long length gown is an ice-blue hue, covered in nautical decorations and treasure maps that Dana loves! What monsters will join in on her next exploration in the deep? One treasure is already hidden in this buccaneer’s beauty, and you’ll find it when you turn her dress! The bright blue fabric turns into a black dress covered in golden glitter!  Her peep-toe pumps that are also a ice-blue hue. Frankenstein can’t take his eyes off of it! This petrifying pirate can’t wait to bring her style ashore to Monster High!

How to play with Monster High Dana Treasura Jones

Create a sunken treasure for Dana Jones to haunt for in the school, and invite her friends onto her dad’s sunken ship! Help her learn about keeping the ocean’s creepy clean so she can tell her ghouls all about it too!

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