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We Are Monster High Student Disembody Council

The 2014 Monster High Release of We Are Monster High Student Disembody Council includes all five council members, so you can plan your next spooktacular school event! The crew comes with Monster High flags and foam fingers, and everyone is wearing their creepiest fashions for the next synchronized screaming game! Collect the  We are Monster High students Disembody Council and create your own Monster High memories!

we are monster high students


All 5 Dolls of We are Monster High Student Pack 


Slo Mo

President of the council Sloman Slo-Mo leads the way with some haunting style, starting with his electric blue pompadour styled hair! The shade goes well with his blood curdling blue skin, suggesting Sloman may not be quite as alive as he seems. Keeping it spooky and simple, Sloman wears a deep purple tee with a black running man pattern, and dark blue pants. His sleek black shoes may seem innocent enough, but watch out for the small spikes that decorate them! He may be slow, but Slo Mo is nothing but quick when it comes to style!

Lagoona Blue of we are monster high studentVice-president Lagoona Blue has the freshest style out of the water this year! Coming straight from the lagoon before their meeting, Lagoona has light blue skin, and long blonde hair with blue highlights. Her sleeveless, fitted dress mixes colors of black, blue and purple in a wild, wavy design.

Sea monsters everywhere are seaweed green with envy of her blue seahorse charm necklace, and purple high-heel sneakers! As always, Lagoona makes her best natural fashion statement showing off her clear fins seen on her arms and legs, and her webbed fingers that are the fastest typers in the council. No wonder she’s Vice-President!

We are Monster high student Cleo De NileCleo de Nile  of We are Monster High Student Disembody Council has the social chair position down to a mummified science for the disembody council! Not to mention her wrapped up style! Cleo’s hair shows some school spirit of its own, with a short black bob and glittery red highlights.

Her off the shoulder, form fitted dress shows off an impressive golden neckline, and a tiger patterned dress is not for the faint of heart! Shoe ghouls are drooling over her bright red pumps, which match with her choker necklace and highlights. Where she lives may be a dark place, but she can certainly see her way around fashion!


Monster high Gilda GoldstagGilda Goldstag may be a new student of  We Are Monster High Student but as her name suggests, she’s taken the role of Treasurer in the Disembody Council! Gilda likes to make an eerie first impression, and she does that well with her short bright pink hair, and large haunting horns! But we can’t ignore her sense of fashion either- Gilda is sporting a lime green tee, covered by a brown cropped leather jacket that even Cyclops can’t take his eye off of! A bright orange belt separates her matching brown pants, and knee-high camel-colored high heel boots! To top off her luring look, Gilda shows off golden hoop earrings and a petrifying pink spotted design on her forehead. Students better make room at Monster High for this new ghoul!

Scarah Screams of we are monster high student packThe last position of secretary is held by Scarah Screams herself! This bootiful banshee also has a spooky blue shade of skin, and long black cat colored hair, styled in a high ponytail. Her trademark terrifying look is her white out eyes, and ghoulish green lips.

To match, Scarah is wearing a dark-green, short sleeved dress, fitted to her body and dressed up with a ghost-white belt! The dress itself has a pattern of black screaming faces to scare even the creepiest creatures at Monster High! Even with all her shrieking style, Scarah outdoes herself with light pink ankle strap high heels! Don’t be afraid of this ghoul’s eyes… be afraid of her killer style!

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