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Welcome To Monster High Singing Popstar Ari Hauntington Doll

Every new school year at Monster High is a scream with the new students that register! Who will join in on the freaky fun this year!? Introducing the Monster High Welcome to Monster High Ari Hauntington Doll!

Ari Hauntington Doll - Welcome To Monster HighMonster High Singing Popstar Ari Hauntington Doll has come from places unknown, and her spooky presence even gives the boogeyman the creeps! Ari has deep purple hair, that’s long and wavy down her back. A silver headpiece is draped across her forehead, and it pops perfectly against her dead-purple skin tone. Even though she seems lifeless, Ari’s got a talent that’s full of life! Ari is a singing popstar, and her style reflects her exciting hobby! The ghouls are showing their fangs for these fabrics! Ari is wearing a deep purple dress that’s covered in silver swirls and a creepy chain decal! The dress is one-shouldered with translucent pink sleeves that add more of a creep factor! Ari loves to haunt across the stage, and she performs perfectly in her peep-toe pumps that are also a purple hue! Can you guess this monster’s favorite color? Ari isn’t afraid of anything, and she’s always happy to perform a terrorizing tune. She doesn’t go anywhere without her silver microphone! Welcome to Monster High, Ari!

How to play with  Welcome To Monster High Singing Popstar Ari Hauntington Doll

Make Ari Hauntington play music for you by pressing the gem on her chest! Use your hand to determine if she plays loudly, or soft and creepy! Build a stage for her to perform on, and write up some songs that you can sing together!

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