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Project Mc2 Doll with Experiment- McKeyla’s Lava Light

Being smart is totally the new cool, and this new doll makes sure that girls know it’s a good thing to be a geek! Girls will love doing science experiments with this cool new student and all of her other brainy friends! Introducing the Project Mc2 Doll with Experiment- McKeyla’s Lava Light!This fashionable doll may look like she’s all about style, but she’s mostly about smarts!

Project Mc2 Doll with Experiment- McKeyla's Lava LightMcKeyla comes with an awesome miniature lava lamp and simple directions to create your very own lava lamp in a wide variety of colors and designs! This science experiment is one of McKeyla’s favorites, so try it again and again! When she’s not acing her tests, McKeyla loves trying out new trends. This chic geek is sporting a white tee, with an owl emblem on the front wearing red glasses! Her jean jacket is an absolute smash in class, with black leather sleeves and yellow stitching details throughout! Bravely sporting denim on denim, McKeyla is wearing dark denim shorts with a high waist and suspenders to boot! To even out the outfit, she’s also wearing some super-high length socks that are covered in mathematical symbols!

Blending smarts and style is McKeyla’s favorite thing! For a pop of color, this brainy beauty is wearing some bright red boots with white laces, and the tiny details make the perfect addition to her simple but chic outfit. Her favorite accessory is her black fedora that even the teachers are giving straight A’s! And students always recognize McKeyla in the hallways because she always has her nose in a book and long, flowing brown hair. Her natural makeup and classic style are sending this girl straight to the top of her class! Build your own lava lamp and sense of style with this downright smart diva!

How to play with  Project Mc2 Doll with Experiment- McKeyla’s Lava Light

Use the instructions to help McKeyla build a lava lamp with the tools included! When you’re finished you can do it all over again with different colors or ingredients. Make sure she finishes all of her homework before it’s due, and take her to the salon to keep her hair shiny and clean!

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