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Shopkins Shoppies Donatina’s Donut Delights

Are you looking for something sweet to eat? You may be in luck! Listen for the twinkling bells of this Shopkin’s Donut Trolley and visit her for a sweet treat! Introducing the Shopkins Shoppies Donatina’s Donut Delights!

Shopkins Shoppies Donatina’s Donut DelightsThis adorable little Shopkin  Donatina is crazy for donuts, and she’s been prepping her favorite recipes all day to serve to you! Donatina loves all things donuts, so even her clothes are decorated in them! She has bright pink hair styled in fringe bangs and two buns that look just like donuts! Her colorful headband is decorated with a baker’s hat and bright desserts, and two curled hair pieces frame her face perfectly. She looks simply delicious! Her t-shirt styled top is a light pink color with chocolate-brown detailing, and her skirt has two layers of pink and white! She’s a donut diva! Her shoes are also decorated with donuts on the heels, so she can wheel around her shop and help her customers! And check out her donut trolley! The pink and blue stand is perfect for her donut creations, and she loves pushing it around town to spread the smell of yummy desserts. Included with her shop are 6 colorful donuts, a donut-inspired purse and a brush! Donatina is ready for a sticky-sweet day!

How to play with Shopkins Shoppies Donatina’s Donut Delights

Bake some real donuts with Donatina and decorate them in her favorite colors of pink and blue! Make sure to keep her donut trolley clean, and add up her savings to buy a some more fun donut fashions!

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Shopkins Shoppies Collection: Popette, Bubbleisha and Jessicakes

The shopping mall is a super fun place to shop, play and explore with these little friends! Introducing the Shopkins Shoppies Collection: Popette, Bubbleisha and Jessicakes dolls! These three friends are sporting their most adorable outfits today, and they can’t wait to look for more!

Shopkins Shoppies Collection Popette Bubbleisha and JessicakesShopkins Shoppies Popette is wearing an absolutely delicious design throughout her whole outfit, that’s inspired by butter-drizzled popcorn! Popette has butter-yellow hair that’s styled up high on her head with cute little curls. A popcorn-inspired headband sits on top with a blue bow and a red popcorn box! Yummy! Her delicious dress has a blue top, with puffed popcorn sleeves and a red and white striped skirt. Her hem is also popping in a popcorn design, and her red heels look good enough to eat! Popette comes with two new friends, including Polly Popcorn and Bowlinda! Jessicakes is ready for some fun too, and she brought along her exclusive shopkins friends Coco Cupcake and Cheery Cake! They’re too sweet to handle!

Jessicakes is styled in cotton-candy colors of pink and blue, with bright blue hair, a bubblegum pink top and a skirt covered in sprinkles! Shopkins dolls have a serious sweet tooth for her! Her blue hair is styled in a high ponytail, and it’s decorated with a cupcake-inspired headband! Delicious!

Of course we can’t forget Bubbleisha, who is dressed to the nines in bubblegum pinks, purples and yellows! Her long, pink hair is styled in curly pigtails, and her little dress is covered in popping polka dots! Check out her purple heels too; they have yellow bubbles floating up the sides! Once your outfits pop, you can’t stop! Bubbleisha also brought her two new exclusive friends, Bubblicious and Bubba Gum! All three of the Shopkins Shoppies come with their own purse and brush, and they each have movable arms and heads so they can dance, shop and explore all day!

How to play with Shopkins Shoppies Popette, Bubbleisha and Jessicakes

 Bring all of the Shopkins Shoppies together for a fun day at the mall, but don’t stop there! Explore the movie theatre, park and their school too for a full day of fun! Make sure to brush their beautiful hair, and don’t forget to make a bowl of popcorn for everyone to share!

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