Ever After High Ashlynn Ella Epic Winter Doll

The royal students of the enchanted kingdom aren’t scared by a little bit of cold- in fact they think the weather is simply magical! Now is the time for them to bring out their best winter fashions before the snow melts away! Introducing the Ever After High Ashlynn Ella Epic Winter Doll!

Ashlynn Ella Epic Winter DollAshlynn is no stranger to the cold, and she’s ready to strut her royal stuff in the school hallways! Cinderella’s daughter looks smashing in shades of pink and blue! Her long, brown hair is tied into a side ponytail and twisted, and an ice-blue crown sits perfectly atop her head! She is sporting a long-sleeves dress that stands out amongst the other royal students, and the satin fabric has the ugly stepsisters green with envy!

The dress is covered in red and pink floral patterns, and two strands of pink fur wrap around the skirt for a look that’s warm and whimsical! Underneath, Ashlynn has on pink tights and knee-high blue boots that tie in with her outfit perfectly! This royal sure knows how to work a runway! To finish the look, Ashlynn has a golden collar and belt that add a dash of metallic to complete her regal look. Click here for more images 

How to play with  Ever After High Ashlynn Ella Epic Winter Doll

Help Ashlynn build the perfect snow castle for her and her friends, and create magical snowballs that never miss their target! Make sure she finishes all of her chores before going outside, and take her shopping for some fashionable gloves and earmuffs to keep her warm!

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