Ever After High Crystal Winter Doll with Epic Winter Playset

The princes and princesses of the realm are starting to feel a slight chill in the air, and they know whose making it happen! Watch out for this ice princess because her fashion is going to frost you! Ever After High introduces the Epic Winter Playset –Winter Sparklizer with Exclusive Crystal Winter Doll!

Ever After High - Epic Winter Playset - Winter Sparklizer With Exclusive Crystal Winter DollEver After High Crystal Winter is the daughter of the Snow Queen and Snow King, and she dazzles in soft blue and spellbinding silvers! Her jacket has a fur white collar to keep her warm, with three-quarter length sleeves in a satin purple! Her snowflake-blue belt ties the whole outfit together, but it’s her eye-catching dress that’s got everyone talking! Crystal’s dress is knee-length and the satin fabric is a mixture of blues, purples and pinks! She may be the fairest in the land yet! The dress is adorned with snowflakes and her knee-high white winter booties make the perfect match! A fur trim decorates the winter wonderland shoes, and balls of fur hang from the laces! The other princesses can’t wait to swap wardrobes! To complete her look, Crystal has ice-blue hair with purple streaks, and a silver crown with purple crystals to top it all off! Crystal can’t wait to make her frozen fairytale come true!
How to play with Ever After High – Epic Winter Playset – Winter Sparklizer With Exclusive Crystal Winter Doll

 Shop for some ice skates for Crystal to use on the enchanted frozen lake, and make sure you get some mittens while you’re at it! Invite her new friends over for some popsicles and ice cream sundaes and make sure you turn up the heat a bit before they get there!

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