Ever After High Dragon Games Darling Charming Doll

Once upon a time, princes always saved the day. And while a classic fairy tale is always fun, these next generation royals and rebels are ready to write their own happily ever after! Even a princess can save the day, and this regal royal is ready to share her story! Introducing the Ever After High Dragon Games Darling Charming Doll!

Ever After High Dragon Games Darling Charming DollDarling is the daughter of King Charming, and even though she has brothers, Darling is ready to be the bravest of them all! This year the kingdom presents the Dragon Games, and Darling is prepared to use her courage and her couture to win the hearts of the kingdom! Darling is sporting a new look, with her long hair parted down the middle and hanging loosely around her. The locks are colored in white-blonde on top and ice-blue hues underneath. Atop her head is an elaborate silver crown with beaded details, dangling pearls in the front and pink stones! Even with all of her beauty, it’s Darling’s armor that is spreading like a good story through the crowd! Her silver armor is magnificently decorated with floral details, pearl décor and a sturdiness that makes her a knight in stylish armor! The pieces sit on her shoulders, chest and right arm to help her perform flawlessly at the Dragon Games!

This time the tale is going to end differently! Darling is also sporting knee-high silver boots and a silver shield that doubles as a ring for you! Of course, this story is also about style, and Darling’s peplum styled top and translucent blue sleeves are creating a serious plot twist! To finish the icy-blue look, Darling is also sporting some fitted blue pants, decorated in a shiny purple vine design.  This heroine is dressed to impress, and she’s ready to write a whole new ending to her story!

How to play with Ever After High Dragon Games Darling Charming Doll

 Help Darling to train for the Dragon Games so that she can impress her father, King Charming! Make sure you sing a few songs to her to help her focus, and help her to write a diary of all of the things she plans to do when she wins the games!

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