Ever After High Epic Winter Maddie Hatter or Madeline Hatter

Even the magical kingdom experiences the changing of the seasons, and all of the students will have to dress accordingly if they’re going to make it through the epic winter! Introducing the Ever After High Epic Winter Madeline Hatter or Maddie Hatter Doll!

Epic Winter Madeline HatterThis crazy girl makes the cold looking wild and inviting, with her awesome winter fashions that are totally throne-worthy! Madeline loves purples and blues, so she’s incorporated them all throughout her winterized style! Madeline’s long hair is styled in big curls, and students can see her purple and blue streaks all the way across the enchanted forest! A perfect little top hat sits on top of her head, with a bright blue bow and white fur along the edges! The white rabbit would be positively smitten!

To keep her cozy in the epic winter, Madeline is wearing a satin dress that is knee-length, and sparkling grey tights underneath! They sparkle just like the enchanted winter snowflakes! Her dress has magical details like purple satin sleeves, a purple belt and fluffs of fur around the trim! We’re cozy just looking at her! To finish her look, Madeline is wearing knee-high heels in purple and blue- she’s making all of the princes melt! Check here for more images 


How to play with Ever After High Epic Winter Maddie Hatter

 Join Madeline down the rabbit hole to explore Wonderland in the winter! Take her ice skating for her very first time or help her make snow angels with the Mad Hatter before its time for hot chocolate and tea!

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