Ever After High Spring Unsprung Holly O’Hair doll

It’s hard showing off your fabulous style when everyone is always looking at your spellbinding hair, but this long-tresses teen has it all figured out! Introducing the Ever After High Spring Unsprung Holly O’Hair doll!

Ever After High Spring Unsprung Holly O’Hair dollEver After High Spring Unsprung Holly O’Hair has figured out how to tie her long locks into the theme of her outfits, making both of the styles royally complement each other! Holly wore her fantastic outfit in the Spring Unsprung movie, and now you can have it to keep! Her long, bright red hair falls down her back into ringlets at the bottom, and streaks of purple and pink make the style pop with her outfit! On top of her head is a hexquisite headdress, covered in purple and pink flowers and ornate vine detailing. The floral theme continues throughout her attire, starting at her pastel-purple shawl which sits neatly across her shoulders with floral details.

Her white shirt is decorated in black flower patterns, and her three-quarter sleeves are made of a tulle fabric for a regal look! The black flower pattern dances down into her gown, which opens up in the front to reveal pink and white tights with a braided pattern! There are so many layers to Holly; she’s just like a fairy-tale flower herself! A modern, chunky belt shines in metallic gold and black, with a chain design around the waist and a bouquet of flowers as its centerpiece! It’s no wonder everyone is climbing the tower to see her! Click here for more images 

Her purple, sky-high boots are as tall as her tower, with white floral details on the sides and laces weaving all the way down the fronts! And talk about accessories! Holly is wearing a golden necklace and matching earrings decorated in tiny flowers, and her pink purse resembles a stylish garden! Stop to smell the royal roses and you’ll surely find this beauty!

How to play  With Ever After High Spring Unsprung Holly O’Hair doll

Use Holly’s included hairbrush to keep her long tresses looking fable-fabulous! Create a small garden for Holly so that she can grow her favorite flowers, and don’t forget to keep her in shape for all of the stairs she takes in her tower!

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