Lalaloopsy Water Mellie Seeds Large Doll

There’s nothing like the sweet taste of watermelon on a hot summer’s day! No wonder everyone loves it when their favorite fruity friend stops by for a visit! Introducing the Lalaloopsy Large Doll Water Mellie Seeds.

Lalaloopsy Water Mellie Seeds Large DollLalaloopsy Water Mellie is made from watermelon seeds and her outfit is a delicious twist of pink and green shades! Her pink hair is a delicious dark shade, and it’s styled in short pigtails that stick out on both sides! To dress up the look, Mellie is wearing a headband with a giant bow on top. Dolls love the accessory because the bow is decorated with two slices of watermelon instead! Her knee-length dress has a green t-shirt style on top, with watermelon slices for sleeves and watermelon seeds for buttons! How delicious! Her dress flares out around her in a satin fabric, and the pattern shows off two shades of green stripes! Some juicy details in Mellie’s outfit include pink tulle underneath her dress and pink and green sneakers to boot! This Lalaloopsy has some refreshing fashions for everyone to enjoy! Click here for more images

How to play with Lalaloopsy Water Mellie Seeds Large Doll

Take Water Mellie to a watermelon patch and help her choose the biggest one! Try watermelon in some new recipes like a smoothie or covered in chocolate! Don’t forget some wipes- things could get sticky!

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