LEGO Minecraft 21118 The Mine

Steve is headed back down into the monstrous mines of LEGO, and he’s going to need your help to find the goods and make a quick exit! Lego introduces their Minecraft 21118 The Mine!

LEGO Minecraft 21118 The MineIncluded in the LEGO Minecraft 21118 setup is the adventurer Steve, who must don his armor in order to protect himself from the mine’s creatures and find the invaluable ores! Four monsters wait in the shadows including a spider, zombie, skeleton and creeper! All four can be placed throughout the mine to block Steve’s way and make his quest more difficult! The 12” high mine walls are decorated with trees, bridges, ladders and a waterfall! To make Steve’s transportation of his treasures easier, a built-in track in the mine can be used to take the ore from the depths up into the safety of upper ground. The track winds through the mine, starting atop a high hill and flying past all kinds of creatures before finally being safe enough for Steve to claim! Use the pickaxe included to break the rock and snatch the valuable ore. Click here for more images

Blocks of TNT help move the bigger rubble, and an explosion function allows for a larger explosion and more ore to be revealed! Be careful though, all of that noise will attract creatures from deep within the walls! Steve can use the included sword and bow to protect himself from foes, and keep his goods safe. Make sure to equip him with his helmet and armor, and tread lightly as you venture into the deeper levels for riches. Build and re-build the walls of the mine to make more of fewer levels for Steve to try to overcome! The building and shaping possibilities are endless, and the monsters are always waiting for Steve to return for more prizes! Join him in his quest for riches and adventure!

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