Monster High Ghouls’ Getaway Jinafire Long Doll

The jungle better be careful of this fashionable fireball- she loves to be a trailblazer when it comes to trendy looks and head-turning colors! You won’t be able to miss this showrunner in the rainforest! Introducing the Monster High Ghouls’ Getaway Jinafire Long Doll!

Monster High Ghouls’ Getaway Jinafire Long DollMonster High Ghouls’ Getaway Jinafire Long Doll is shocking in her jewel-toned outfit with bewitching greens, monster purples and blood reds! As daughter of a Chinese fire dragon, Jinafire has golden skin that is covered in a scaly texture all over her arms and legs! Her long neck has serpent-inspired designs, and scaly creatures of the jungle can’t stop slithering about her golden tail! But that’s not all Jinafire is showing off! This dragon’s style is on fire! Her bright red mini has short sleeves and some angled hems to give it a mummified modern look. The dress is covered in purple tiki masks, golden flames and bamboo sticks! Her ghoulfriends are cringing for her couture! Jinafire’s most terror-ific accessory is a golden chest piece, which slithers around her neck and morphs into a belt around her waist!

The statement piece is covered in tantalizing tiki masks and flames that flare out around her. Jinafire’s red-hot fashion continues in her flame-inspired heels that are designed with freaky flames crawling up her ankles and beaded designs along the front! Beware those who dare to walk in the path of this slithering statement dresser! Other cool accessories Jinafire packed for the trip includes her flaming purple bangles and purple tiki earrings, which go perfectly with the theme of her attire. Nocturnal nightmares from across the jungle are coming to see Jinafire’s slime-green hair with black streaks, so beware! To finish the look, Jingafire is wearing a flaming headdress and purple makeup to make her dragon eyes really pop! This ghoul is the slither of this scene!

How to play with Ghouls’ Getaway Jinafire Long Doll

 Help Jinafire find a cave that will be perfect for her to sleep in on their trip, and help her search for a jungle treasure that she can protect! Let her use her skills to build their fires at nighttime, and don’t forget to pack her spicy sauce for all of her meals!

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