Monster High Skelita Calaveras Collector Doll

One of the freak-tastic fashionistas of Monster High knows that her new look is going to be an absolute scream! She’s so sure she can even feel it in her bones! Introducing the Monster High Skelita Calaveras Collector Doll!

Monster High Skelita Calaveras Collector DollThis scream-ester, Skelita is showing off traditional fabrics from her family’s scaritage, with vibrant colors, heart-stopping patterns and clawsome accessories! Skelita is wearing a sleeveless dress that has a scoop neck detail and pink stitching at the hem. The front is covered in colorful floral patterns of pink, orange, purple and blue and an ice-blue lace decorates the hem! Her styles are sending the competition to their graves! The bottom portion of Skelita’s dress is a black, satin fabric, which flairs out around her with white lace underneath. The dress is a nightmarish knee-length, and it’s covered in a vile, vibrant pattern of flowers! The bright colors go freakishly-well with her sky-high heels, which are bright hues of pink and blue. Her style is heart-stopping, but her accessories are to die for! Skelita has a traditional headdress covered in scary skulls and flowers, and her pigtails have skull clips too! This colorful skeleton is a screaming siesta of style!

How to play with Monster High Skelita Calaveras Collector Doll

Invite Skelita’s family down from Hexico to see her new school, and put on a midnight fiesta to welcome them! Skelita loves fashion, so help her put together some new outfits and a freaky fashion show for her friends!

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